Five-Hour Introductory Package


If becoming a pilot is a dream of yours, which might one day become a career, then the five-hour Introductory Package with EFG Flying School is certainly for you.

The package is a cost-effective way of determining if learning to fly is the right choice for you, giving you all of the advantages of getting airborne, without having to make a significant commitment.

Five separate flights (on five separate days) will also count towards your eventual PPL. Whether you wish to book your flights intensively or spread out over a longer period of time, you will receive the same fantastic standard of training from EFG Flying School’s expert instructors, including a structured syllabus aimed at teaching you the initial stages of your PPL.

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During your time in the air you will learn about flying straight and level, climbing and descending, as well as potentially getting the opportunity to assist the instructor with landing the aircraft. All training is conducted in our four-seat Piper Warriors.

As with any course, there is an initial ground briefing for each lesson which will assess the weather conditions of the day, as well as run through the exercise in which you will be flying.

The package also includes a pilot log book and aircraft checklist to help you get you on your way towards your PPL – the only thing left for you to do is book yourself in and fly!

Please note: We regret that no observers are allowed in the aircraft as part of the five hour package.


We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand for flight training so please contact us to ascertain the availability of dates before purchase.

For any queries or to obtain information about current lead times, please contact us below



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